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Mossberg Firearms For Sale

mossberg 500 slug guns

When you’re in the market for a new firearm, consider the selection of shotguns and rifles by Mossberg. With its long history in gun manufacturing dating back to the early 1900’s, Mossberg precision-crafts firearms in a variety of types, calibers and styles to suit your needs and preferences. Browse Mossberg guns built with long and short barrels, sturdy materials and customizable features. Mossberg firearms with adjustable stocks and pistol grips are made from walnut, synthetic and more, and there’s even an array of Mossberg guns with dual barrels to choose from.You can buy Mossberg rifles online,Buy Mossberg Firearms online,Buy Mossberg Handguns online,We have a collection of Mossberg guns for sale,Mossberg Accessories for sale,Mossberg Ammo,Mossberg Magazines for sale

Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500 is a series of pump action shotguns manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons. The 500 series comprises widely varying models of hammerless repeaters, all of which share the same basic receiver and action, but differ in bore size, barrel length, choke options, magazine capacity, stock and forearm materials.

mossberg 500 slug guns

Mossberg Gun Accessories

While browsing Mossberg guns, check out the selection of choke tubes, magazines and other components tailored to the models in your collection. Just like their firearms, Mossberg gun accessories are made from quality materials. Shop for choke tubes that’ll deliver the shot pattern you’re looking for on the hunt and magazines you can easily swap out when it’s time to reload. While browsing Mossberg gun accessories, check out the ammunition and other shooting gear you’ll need in the wild and at the range, as well as gear from other brands you trust.mossberg 500 slug guns

MOSSBERG 500 for sale

One of America’s favorite shotguns since 1961, the Mossberg 500 has been in the field for over 50 years and over 10 million have been sold worldwide. Legions of dedicated users have made the Mossberg 500 shotgun one of the world’s best-selling pump-actions. With this shotgun’s reputation as a sturdy performer and Mossberg’s commitment to constant innovation, there is no doubt this firearm’s popularity will continue to grow for generations to come. The Mossberg 500 is offered in a wide selection of models to fit every application and user, from hunters and people looking for a home defense shotgun, to law enforcement agencies and military worldwide.

The Mossberg 500 shotgun offers hunters an excellent value in a pump-action shotgun that is both reliable and rugged. Considered a top choice in the pump-action world, this shotgun comes ready to take out of the box and into the field. This all-purpose shotgun can also be taken home and fitted with the latest upgraded barrels and stocks. Its modular versatile design allows users to customize this shotgun for their specific purposes.

The model 500 design combines dual extractors that take a firm hold on the cartridge’s rim, and the dual action bars safeguard dependable cycling of the action without binding or twisting.
Additionally, the Mossberg 500 sports an anti-jam shell elevator. The bolt locks into a barrel extension by means of a top lug, ensuring a solid steel-to-steel lock up, while the streamline aluminum receiver keeps the gun lightweight and well balanced. mossberg 500 slug guns

Furthermore, the top-mounted safety is visible and easy to reach, without affecting the shooter’s trigger finger. The basic design makes field stripping easy by tapping out a single pin. The synthetic stock model comes with a vent-ribbed barrel with a matte blued finish, twin bead sights, sling swivel studs and uses Accu-Set screw-in choke tubes.mossberg 500 slug guns

The Mossberg 500 comes in a series of different model variations, stock types, finishes, barrel lengths and gauges. This model is also offered in left-hand models. The 500 is offered in 3 main variations:mossberg 500 slug guns

Mossberg 500 Hunting: The 500 Hunting series makes for a great hunting shotgun with its proven reliability and versatility with models to fit every season and hunting application. Offered in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410 bore, popular model variants include in 500 Combo Field/Deer, 500 Hunting All Purpose Field, 500 Slungster, 500 Turkey and 500 Waterfowl.
Mossberg 500 Flex: The 500 Flex is one of the most adaptable and versatile shotgun platforms on the market, allowing the user to switch accessories for multiple shooting applications. Offered in 12 gauge and 20 gauge, popular model variants include the Flex 500 All-Purpose, Flex 500 Combo Deer/Security and Flex 500 Hunting.
Mossberg 500 Tactical: Built and designed for military, police and consumers looking for a personal protection shotgun, the 500 Tactical comes in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410 bore. Popular model variants include the 500 Tactical 6-Shot, 500 Tactical 8-Shot, 500 Tactical-Adjustable Stock and 500 Tactical Thunder Ranch.

The Mossberg 500 Pump-Action shotgun is the textbook all-purpose shotgun, perfect for hunting waterfowl, upland birds and deer, shooting clay targets or utilizing for self-defense.

MOSSBERG Firearms for sale
Decades of military and law enforcement use have proven the Mossberg 590 Tactical Pump Action Shotgun to be the textbook choice for your personal and home defense needs. Built to meet the demand of these agencies, Mossberg 590 shotguns give civilians the same rock-solid, adaptable platform that’s served with distinction worldwide for over 30 years.

The Mossberg 590 features Mossberg’s Tool-Less Locking System, which enables shooters to rapidly switch stocks, forends and recoil pads, using a single receiver as the core element for a varied array of shotgun arrangements. The 590 tactical shotgun boasts a 18.5” and 20” cylinder bore barrel with a bead sight, and a 6-position, adjustable stock that provides nearly 4 inches of length-of-pull adjustment with a full pistol grip. The Tri-rail tactical forend allows further customization with a full-length bottom rail and 2 shorter side rails that allows for accessories to be easily attached to the firearm.

The model 590 pump action shotgun uses dual action bars, dual extractors, an anti-jam shell elevator and a large locking lug for a solid steel-to-steel connection between the bolt and barrel. The magazine cap-nut removes for easy cleaning of the spring, shell follower and any debris in the mag tube. The Model 590 cycles 2¾-inch and 3-inch shells interchangeably.

The Mossberg 590A1 Tactical shotgun was selected by the U.S. armed forces and service weapon of choice for law enforcement and military agencies across the globe. These are duty-proven tactical shotguns built to rigid mil-spec requirements, perfect for extreme use and conditions.

Offered only in 12 gauge and a 18.5” or 20” barrel length, popular 590A1 model variations include the 590A1- 7 Shot, 590A1-9 Shot, 590A1 Tactical Tri-Rail and 590A1 Mariner.

Shooting 2¾-inch, 3-inch, and 3½-inch shells, the Mossberg ULTI-Mag meets and exceeds serious waterfowl and turkey hunters’ expectations. Several specialty models come with Mossberg’s adjustable LPA trigger system, which lets you dial in the weight of the trigger pull.

The 835’s overbored and ported barrel reduces recoil and minimizes muzzle jump from magnum loads to help you stay on target for rapid follow-up shots. The overbored barrel also serves to cushion the shot charge, reducing pellet deformation for dense shot patterns.

The Mossberg 835 ULTI-Mag comes with a black synthetic stock and matte finish on all the metal parts to help you stay concealed in the shadows. Hunters can reach the top-mounted safety quickly with the thumb of either hand, making the 835 naturally ambidextrous. Additionally, the 835 ULTI-Mag pump action shotgun includes a stout recoil pad, dual bead sight, modified choke tube and sling swivel studs.
MOSSBERG 930 SHOTGUN | MOSSBERG Firearms for sale
The Mossberg 930 is a multi-purpose, gas-operated autoloader built for any game, any season. Value-packed and smartly styled, this platform boast a combination of looks and features commonly found on shotguns costing significantly more.

The 930 comes in many different versatile model variants making for an all-around great autoloader for hunting, sporting clays, skeet or trap shooting. Popular features include the dual gas-vent system, drilled & tapped receivers, multiple sighting options and a uni-line stock and receiver.

The Mossberg 930 comes in hunting and tactical variants, and comes in a 12 gauge. Popular model variants include the 930 Hunting, 930 Tactical, 930 JM Pro Series and 930 Pro Series Sporting.

Easy to work, with 3½ inches of stopping power, the Mossberg 935 Magnum Semi-Automatic Shotgun features a dual-vent gas system that cycles the full gamut of waterfowl loads for heavy 2¾-inch loads to the full array of 3- and 3½-inch magnums.
The gas system also lessens recoil. The 935’s overbored barrel pillows the shot charge, reducing pellet distortion for clean, compressed shot patterns, while further reducing recoil. The Mossberg 935 offers a fiber optic front sight, which gets you on target rapidly in any light environment, and the receiver is drilled and tapped for mounting an optical or reflex sight.

The rugged aluminum alloy receiver resists corrosion and keeps the gun well balanced and relatively light. The 935 comes with a ventilated recoil pad, a set of Accu-Mag choke tubes and sling swivel studs. With superior down-range performance and a non-reflective finish, the 935 is an adaptable semi-automatic shotgun, perfect for hunting geese, turkey or pheasant.


The Mossberg SA-20 is an all-purpose 20-gauge autoloader featuring a smooth gas operated system, synthetic stock and barrel lengths ranging from 20” to 28”.  Popular variants include the SA-20 All Purpose Field, SA-20 Muddy Girl and SA-20 Youth Bantam.
The Maverick 88 pump-action shotguns are a reliable and rugged shotgun offering superior performance and reliability in an affordable package. The Maverick 88 is a versatile shotgun coming in a 12 gauge or 20 gauge with barrel lengths ranging from 18.5” to 28”. The shotgun features interchangeable barrels, durable finishes, dual extractors, twin action bars, and an easy breakdown design. Popular Maverick shotgun models include the Maverick 88 All-Purpose, Maverick 88 Security and Maverick 88 Slug.


The Maverick family of shotguns are known for delivering exceptional value in a rugged package. The Maverick shotgun is a mix of practical and tactical. The Maverick is an over/under shotgun in 12 gauge that features a synthetic stock, dual locking lugs, safety & barrel selector, twin action bars and an anti-jam elevator.
Maverick shotguns come in two popular models, the Maverick HS12 Thunder Ranch and Maverick Hunter.

The Mossberg International Silver Reserve II is a break action shotgun crammed with features and distinguished details customarily reserved for high-end double guns. The Silver Reserve II Over/Under is an all-around reliable shotgun, great for upland bird hunting or casual sporting clay target practice.

The Silver Reserve II features shell ejectors and a tang-mounted safety that doubles as an integrated barrel selector. The chambers and bores are chrome-plated to guarantee dependable function and close-fitting shot patterns.

The Mossberg Silver Reserve II features a standard set of 5 flush-fitting, screw-in field choke tubes, which enhances its usefulness to fit multiple hunting ranges and needs. Dual-locking lugs offer a solid lock-up, ensuring long-term reliability. The 12- and 20-gauge shotguns have 3-inch chambers, and the 28-gauge has the usual 2¾-inch chamber. The vent-ribbed barrels come blued and have a single-bead front sight. The Mossberg Silver Reserve II has a striking black walnut, hand-checkered stock and forend, complete with a polished silver-finished receiver and wrap-around scroll engraving.

Popular model variants include the Silver Reserve II Field, Silver Reserve II Sport and Silver Reserve II Youth Bantam. mossberg 500 slug guns

Mossberg’s Reserve Series double shotguns reflect old-world craftsmanship and classic styling that’s surprisingly reasonable in price and within every hunter’s reach. This series features black walnut stocks, embellished receivers and premium chrome-plated bores.

The Mossberg Youth Bantam series has been at the forefront of designing products and technologies aimed at improving the comfort and fit for younger shooters. The Mossberg Bantam features adjustable lengths of pull stocks, removable spacers, shorter barrels, single shot safeties and EZ reach forends, which add up into a more controlled and enjoyable shooting experience.

The Bantam shotgun series comes in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410 bare and is offered in numerous variations and colors. Popular Bantam Series shotguns include the 500 Youth Bantam, 500 Youth Super Bantam All-Purpose, 500 Youth Super Bantam Combo Field/Deer and 510 Youth Mini Super Bantam All-Purpose.